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Equity Release in the London Area

Specialist Mortgage niche with interesting aspects

Since 2016 I have been involved with a specialist London Mortgage broker, we generate leads in the Equity Release mortgage niche. What I like about this area is that Keith my partner is a great friendly guy, who I respect and have a lot of time for. It is also a great challenge as the area not surprisingly is full of experienced search marketers after a slice of the action!


Commissions are paid based on mortgages sold so as you can imagine the average deal sizes in the London and South East areas are much higher than those in the provinces.


Of course I have found it tough going, not only has Search Marketing evolved so much over the last 8 years (the last time I was active fully personally) but as noted above this area is also very competitive and the players in it not surprisingly have deep and extensive pockets.


That said I have been making good progress and now get leads on a day by day basis, not all of these convert of course, but some do, so the whole thing is becoming more and more interesting as a consequence.


You can see our site here, which focusses on the Equity Release niche within the London and South East geographic area of the UK mortgage market. It is starting to look really good, it does need more content and development but the basis is there for something interesting for sure.


The basic site is built using wordpress, and I have collected some good and strong reputable links from around the web, meaning that it now performs within page #1 on Google for a range of helpful though mostly long tail phrase sets.


2019 I will be focussing more time on resource on this project as I see a lot of potential in it.


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